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Nocturnal plastic art installation designed for public spaces

Art Director Thomas Veyssiere

Creation december 2011

Places France, Singapore, Israel, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Australia, Republic of Congo, Turkey

Luminous characters invade the chosen sites

Designed according to the principle of decomposition of movement (chronophotography) and kinetics, these characters are arranged in precise positions in space to recreate stories during programmed lighting sequences.

KEYFRAMES creates a bridge between sculpture and cinema, a scripted plastic art, a festive show transforming the space in which it takes place.

Through micro-narratives, KEYRAMES offers narration within the city.
Urban stories where bodies and their movements play the lead roles.



KEYFRAMES Orléanoïde

Orléans (Fr)

Orléanoïde Festival
Chambre de commerce et de l’industrie
23 Place du Martroi
45000 Orléans - France

Website of festival

In the press...


DOTS digital art magazine, Novembre 10th 2012
«GLOW 2012: FACES BRIGHTENING UP YOUR NIGHT» «Let us tell you all about our five favorites. ONE. We already told you a little bit about Groupe LAPS (FR) “Keyframes” earlier, they were great live. On/ off switching of light tubes situated on the police station portray figures climbing from the roof and moving across the building. The sound makes it feel like a mousetrap game and make you see attempts of escape from the police. .».

Dalood daily Design Magazine, October 16th 2013
« The French practice of Groupe LAPS is made up of six very talented individuals, experts [...]. Their LED lighting installations consisting of litlle stick figures, either as free standing sculptures or choreographed to music to make them come to life and perform complicated dance routines, have become highly popular throughout the world. .»


My Paper, March 9th, 2012
“Visiting I Light fest ? Park at Marina Bay Link Mall”
“LIGHT FANTASTIC : Lit-up stick figures beneath the Singapore Flyer are one of more than 31 light art installation of I Light Marina Bay.”

Fête des Lumières of Lyon 2011

Le Progrès, December 9th 2011
“Marked at 10, our work to put on lights cannot be circumvented”
“9/10 that luminous figures seem to bristling about the music. KEYFRAMES give light to the Place de la Repu- blique. Long times ago we had not enjoyed such a feast”.

Web site “Lyon visite”, December 2011
“We were really taken at first by the robots on the Place de la Republique, a great creativity”
“References at dance, sport, manga, an inspired music, a smart use of the open space of the fountain [...] what can be told more about this bluffing living creativity ?... to speak about something that warms our heart, this wonderful feeling to be together, to join ! That comes from our disposal as onlooker to stay around, inside the life show and not in front of it... You would understand, it’s our favorite”

Web site France 3 Rhône-Alpes, December 2011
“...Thomas Veyssiere tell us the life of a village through a captivating play scenography.”

Past events

Conception team

Manu Céalis


Olivier Fermier


Vincent Sevoz

3D Animator


Created in Lyon (France), for the "Fête des lumières" 2011

Distribution : AnSó Raybaut-Pérès

JPEG - 28.1 kb

KEYFRAMES was realized with the software Blender, WhiteCat et Live/MaxForLive

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